Lancome ​Visionnaire: ​Advanced ​Skin ​Corrector

This ​skin ​corrector ​claims ​to ​erase ​your ​blemishes ​and ​give ​you ​smooth, ​luminous ​skin. ​But is ​it ​worth ​the ​costly ​price ​tag?

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3.7 / 5.0
Lancome ​Visionnaire


  • Can ​help ​shrink ​your ​pores
  • Enhances ​foundation ​makeup
  • Sulfate, ​paraben ​and ​phthalate-free


  • Isn't ​formulated ​for ​deep ​wrinkles
  • Expensive ​price ​tag ​for ​small ​supply
  • If ​used ​as ​directed, ​supply ​will ​run ​out ​fast
  • Does ​not ​provide ​moisturization

Overview: A "Vision" of Younger Looking Skin

Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector is a serum which is supposed to instantly smooth the surface of your skin after a single application. It alleges to shrink pores and improve your skin's texture. They say the product also optimizes makeup application. Or if you aren't wearing makeup, your skin should look lovely and luminous enough to greet the day, au naturale.

Lancome is a well-known brand in the world of beauty and fragrance. One of my favorite perfumes is actually made by Lancome. But does that mean I'm going to continue riding the Lancome bandwagon and automatically shell out $79 for their skin correcting serum? Absolutely not. I have to do my due diligence and evaluate what this serum really has to offer. That's the only way to determine whether this corrector is worth the cash.

To get a definitive answer, let's delve a bit deeper into the product.

A Closer Look: Come Correct, Anti-Aging Serum!

This serum markets itself as a "skin corrector." What does that mean, exactly? If you read up on this serum's promised benefits, you find out that it "corrects" common minor skin problems such as huge pores, fine lines, and rough skin texture. It's supposed to work great as a makeup base. Apparently, you can also use it as an excuse to skip your foundation entirely, since the only real purpose of foundation makeup is to erase our pores and make our skin look smooth.

Editor’s Note
Try ​to ​opt ​for ​paraben-free skincare ​products.

In as little as four weeks, Visionnaire promises that your minor skin blemishes will be "visibly corrected." I'm still not completely sure what that means. Will my pores, fine lines, and rough skin actually be corrected? Or will they still be as hideous as before, but simply look corrected for as long as I use their serum? Based on their advertising alone, it is difficult to tell.

Another drawback of the Lancome Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector Serum is the fact that, despite costing nearly $80, it doesn't provide much in the realm of moisturization. Also, the directions also say you're supposed to use it in the morning and at night. Seeing as how this serum is sold in 1 fl. Oz. bottles, you're probably going to burn through that tiny, expensive supply pretty quick.


  • This ​serum ​might ​help ​shrink ​your ​pores.
  • It ​may ​potentially ​reduce ​the ​appearance ​of ​fine ​lines.
  • It ​enhances ​foundation ​makeup ​(or ​lets ​you ​skip ​it ​entirely).
  • It ​is ​free ​of ​sulfates, ​parabens, ​and ​phthalates.


  • Lancome ​Visionnaire ​doesn't ​seem ​to ​be ​formulated ​for ​deep ​wrinkles.
  • The ​serum ​is ​NOT ​a ​moisturizer.
  • Has ​a ​very ​expensive ​price ​tag ​for ​such ​a ​small ​supply.
  • You'll ​probably ​need ​a ​chemistry ​textbook ​to ​decipher ​their ​ingredients ​list.

Conclusion: Shrinks Your Pores, and Your Wallet

If you're a young teenager or twenty-something with a makeup tutorial YouTube channel, this might be an exciting product to try out for a segment on makeup primer serums. All kidding aside though, the potential benefits of this skin correcting serum are fairly limited. I'll admit it: I've had problems with large, visible pores all my life, as well as having rough skin. I'm also getting to the age where fine lines are an ever-growing concern. But what can this $79 tiny tube of serum do for me that a good $10-$15 toner can't?

After doing my research into this serum, I still don't have an answer to that question. Ideally, if anyone is going to spend close to eighty bucks on a serum that's supposed to improve the look of their face, that product should take care of fine lines, deep wrinkles, rough skin, dry skin, large pores, and leave a mint on their pillow for good measure. Okay, maybe the mint is a touch excessive, but you get my point.

There are other anti-aging products out there that can do much more for your complexion. If you want to find out what they are, you can take a look at our other reviews.


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Rebecca Austin is a well-established aesthetician with over 20 years experience in skincare. She has researched over 5,000 products over the past decade, striving to help her readers fine-tune their skincare routine so they can get the results they want.


  • Supports smoother, younger looking skin.
  • Clinically shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Rescues and protects skin from damage.
  • Deeply moisturizes to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Versatile, all-inclusive, anti-aging skincare
  • Restores youthfulness and radiance for the long term
  • Contains Ritapro 165, a next-gen moisturizer.
  • Helps to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • High-end European company with spa-quality products.
  • Uses Padina pavonica algae to boost collagen.